This is Edge Dental

Our philosophy

Excellence in customer service coupled with a modern, preventative approach to dentistry is fundamental to our patient care strategy at Edge Dental. We are dedicated to providing ethical, affordable dentistry whilst maintaining the highest level of customer service ensuring our patients leave the practice with happy and healthy smiles.

Based in Nether Edge, we are an active and passionate member of the local business community. We feel privileged to be part of this wonderful, caring and diverse suburb of Sheffield and we are proud to be serving the dental needs of the people within this area and beyond.


Our family

At Edge, we are fortunate to be part of an amazing “work family”. We support and care for each other and thanks to our team; Karen, Jill, Claire, Wiqas, Kirsty and Ricky, the practice has become known for its friendly, pleasant, community-driven vibe.

We hope to serve you at Edge Dental and in the meantime here is a bit more info about our family.

In the chair with our patients

With their very kind permission we have compiled these patient examples to help illustrate the breadth of our dental work, which also includes some patient perspective about their experience in the chair.

Allan’s bridge story

"After an embarrasingly long absence from any kind of dental care, the Edge Dental team have helped me to overcome my fear and are helping me get my smile back."

As a patient of Edge Dental, I can now confidently say that I have a much improved smile and a lot less anxiety about visiting the dentist.

Some years ago, circumstances at the time got me out of my regular six monthly check up at my local dentist. Fast forward several (far too many) years of no professional dental care and I found myself facing two issues. Firstly, problems with my teeth that I chose to hide by not smiling with my mouth open and secondly, a growing anxiety about tackling the problem which I knew was of my own making.

Having moved to Nether Edge and regularly walked past Edge Dental's front door, I decided enough was enough. So the next time I passed the door I plucked up the courage to actually press the doorbell and enquire about a check up. I knew it was going to result in needing treatment as a couple of my teeth that had been deeply filled many years before had cracked and lost their filling and I knew I was on borrowed time.

The welcome I was given when I walked through the door was so positive and friendly that my first thought was 'why hadn't I done this before now?' And from that point I started my journey back to a healthy smile.

As it turned out I needed several teeth removing which were thoroughly investigated and the issues explained to me clearly. I could feel the anxiety levels rising once more but Ricky seemed to know what I was thinking and helped me through the process of deciding which was the best course of treatment for me.

I was facing multiple extractions and deciding how I was going to replace them. Dentures, Implants or Bridges were my options and in adition to the treatment, the cost of it all was also an issue that was worrying me. The Edge Dental team advised me on a course of treatment, spread over a sensible time period and also explained the benefits of joining the Denplan scheme. This helped me manage and spread the cost as well as discounting the treatment allowing me to make substantial savings on the overall price in the process.

At the time of writing, I am now part way through my course of treatment and have had my first extraction and subsequent bridge fitted. I have found the process to be quite comfortable in the most part and even the extraction was surprisingly quick and pain free.

I am really pleased with my first bridge and can confidently say from first hand experience that Ricky is a perfectionist when it comes to reconstructive dental treatment. I am very grateful to him and the rest of the Edge Dental team for looking after me so well, for not making me feel embarassed about ignoring my teeth and for helping me to overcome my anxiety about visiting the dentist. I would (and do) highly recommend Edge Dental to anyone.


Note: Our thanks to Allan for taking the time to write his story in his own words.

The Edge Dental Team