Help with dental health for kids and teens

It can be a challenge teaching young children about dental health and getting them into a routine.

The videos on this page are designed to make learning fun for kids and to give parents an interactive way of teaching their children how to look after their teeth. The quiz format gets them involved so they can have fun learning how to maintain and improve their dental health.

The teenage years can also bring with them new challenges for a young persons' dental health, so we have included some helpful information that teenagers, and/or their parents may find useful.

Dental health for kids and teenagers video tutorials

Educational links

We have compiled these helpful links from the Oral Health Foundation, an organisation we are proud to support, to provide helpful information about Dental health for kids and teenagers treatments.

Dental care for mother and baby

Your dental health can suffer during your pregnancy. It is also important to look after both your and your baby's dental health in the early months of your baby's life to help make sure you both have healthy… More>

Children's teeth

Getting the younger members of the family into good oral health habits early can make them much easier to maintain in the future. More>

Dental care for people with special needs

Everyone deserves and needs quality dental care. However, some people need special facilities or services to have this care provided. More>

Knocked out teeth

There are several reasons why a tooth may be knocked out but it is important to know what to do and where to go when it happens. More>

Teen's teeth

A healthy smile is important for meeting people and making friends. It can also boost confidence, helping you feel good about yourself. More>